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Sloten B.V.

Our passion for milk replacers originated in Sloten in Friesland, the birthplace of our success. Sloten B.V.
From as far back as 1958, Sloten B.V. has been producing and marketing high quality speciality feeds to provide young animals with a good start and a healthy development. Our products and services encompass over 50 years of experience, research and development.

In over 60 countries worldwide, a host of customers are familiar with our Sprayfo, Nuklospray and Spraymes brands.
In many countries, Sloten is the market leader in milk replacement products for calves, lambs, goat kids, foals, veal calves as well as ingredients for piglet feeds.

Spray technology

The nutritional needs of the young animal come first. Our young animal feeds are manufactured according to our own highly developed and well tested formulations. Sloten is one of the few companies in the world that uses spray-drying technology for the exclusive production of animal feed ingredients. This spray technology ensures a product with unique properties. The fat concentrate, encapsulated with dairy products, is of great importance to optimal solubility and digestibility. 

Sloten has two well equipped production plants. The site in Sloten (in the Dutch province of Friesland) produces fat concentrates using spray-drying technology. These concentrates are then mixed with other ingredients at the Deventer site to produce our end-products.

Our brands

Sprayfo is the standard for dairy farmers in the Netherlands, and also one of the leading brands in calf milk replacers worldwide. Nuklospray is well known as a piglet feed ingredient in many countries. Spraymes is used for veal calves, especially in Italy 


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Quality and Research

R&D LaboratoryYoung animals are vulnerable, and require proper attention. We therefore take great care in the quality of our products. We are particularly well equipped in the area of R&D, allowing us to conduct any product development required and also have our own in-house research facilities. In addition, we maintain close cooperation with universities, research institutes and trial farms.
Furthermore, we apply a strict policy with regard to raw materials selection to safeguard continuous quality. Our production processes are fully certified.

Quality is more than just a good product. Sloten has been proving this point for years.
It also involves paying attention to processes and human relationships.
And it means that we are happy to advise and assist our customers at all times.